upcoming workshops
Yoga 101
1st Saturdays of the month
June 7th with Ronnie
heartSTONE @ the BLOC
8975 e. tanque verde, tucson, az 85749 
$15 in advance
$20 day of

Yoga 101 Workshops

yoga101 is a two hour workshop designed for beginners to learn yoga in a safe, fun environment.  Students will learn the basics of yoga including: a brief history and overview of the yoga system, the different styles of yoga, the benefits of practicing, how to do postures or poses,  how to modify poses and use props (blocks, blankets, and straps), as well as breathing and relaxation techniques.  After completing this workshop, students will be prepared and feel comfortable taking foundation and/or elevate yoga classes at
heartSTONE studio. If it’s your first time to one of our facilities, you can speed up your check-in process by completing a waiver form online within a few days of arriving, available at Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing.  No additional equipment is needed.
from our yogis

“Adventure yoga was super fun! Combine a night hike with flashlights spotting desert creatures, and yoga in an environment which heightens your senses by being in the wild and seeing the stars. Dress appropriately and you will have a great time!”

3rd Saturdays info
April 19th  “Restorative Yoga” Ronnie
May 17th “Nutrition and Health: part I” Ronnie
June 21st “Meditation- change your mind, change your world” Ronnie
July 19th “Yoga for Migraine Pain” Sarah
August 16th “Nutrition and Health part II” Ronnie
September 20th “Improve your posture with yoga” Sarah
October 18th “Restorative yoga” Ronnie location heartSTONE @ the BLOC
8975 e. tanque verde, tucson, az 85749 cost
$20 in advance
$25 day of

“Restorative yoga” with Ronnie

Escape stress with heartSTONE's Restorative Yoga Workshop. Restorative yoga uses props to create completely supported poses for total relaxation, the antidote to stress. You will practice poses that, although fully supported, move the spine in all directions which helps keep the spine healthy and stimulates and soothes internal organs; an inverted pose for improving blood circulation and reversing the effects of gravity; and most importantly, you will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and renewed. Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing. No additional equipment is needed.