3rd Saturdays info
September 20th “Improve your posture with yoga” Sarah
October 18th “Restorative yoga” Ronnie location heartSTONE @ the BLOC
8975 e. tanque verde, tucson, az 85749 cost
$20 in advance
pre-registration required
(by the preceding Wednesday)
upcoming workshops
Yoga 101
1st Saturdays of the month
October 4th with Ronnie
heartSTONE @ the BLOC
8975 e. tanque verde, tucson, az 85749 
$15 in advance
pre-registration required
(by the preceding Wednesday)

Yoga 101 Workshops

yoga101 is a two hour workshop designed for beginners to learn yoga in a safe, fun environment.  Students will learn the basics of yoga including: a brief history and overview of the yoga system, the different styles of yoga, the benefits of practicing, how to do postures or poses,  how to modify poses and use props (blocks, blankets, and straps), as well as breathing and relaxation techniques.  After completing this workshop, students will be prepared and feel comfortable taking foundation and/or elevate yoga classes at
heartSTONE studio. If it’s your first time to one of our facilities, you can speed up your check-in process by completing a waiver form online within a few days of arriving, available at Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing.  No additional equipment is needed.
from our yogis

“Adventure yoga was super fun! Combine a night hike with flashlights spotting desert creatures, and yoga in an environment which heightens your senses by being in the wild and seeing the stars. Dress appropriately and you will have a great time!”

“Adore this Studio!” (

2nd story studio with glass walls? Count me in! The experience is like being encased in a quiet sanctuary... surrounded by rock climbing walls...which is SO unique.

Since moving to the Tucson area, I've tried to visit this studio AT LEAST once a month. Each Elevate class has just enough challenge to make it the perfect blend of equanimity and verve.

If you are a yogi/yogini on the East side of Tucson, this studio is a MUST VISIT. Most of the teachers seem to have a background in Kriya, Hatha and Vinyasa... and there are also a few Pilates classes for you cardio-junkies.

Open Meditation Hour
Starting August 3rd
Sundays 4-5p
Open Meditation Hour is a FREE open studio time for people to gather and meditate together. There is power in numbers and shared intentions for spiritual growth. Meditating with others makes it personally and socially more powerful. Group meditation can help you strengthen your connections, support one another, and stay motivated and committed to a regular practice. 

Both new and practiced meditators are welcome, written meditation instructions will be available for those interested and a weekly affirmation/intension will be written on the dry erase board. This is not a supervised or instructed class and is open to all at no cost.

An hour is a long time to sit in meditation, quietly stretching is certainly allowed and if you need to leave early do so on the quarter hour (4:15, 4:30, 4:45) for as little disruption as possible. Please read the following guidelines. 

Open Meditation Hour guidelines:
Always be considerate of other meditators and help create a shared silent space.
- No talking in the studio
- Arrive on time and enter quietly
- Turn all electronic devises off
- Avoid wearing perfume or scented oils
- Only water in the studio
- Please stay home if you are sick or have a cough
- If you need to leave early, do so on the quarter hour, 4:15, 4:30, 4:45
- Enjoy!

September 20th “Improve your posture with yoga” Sarah

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