Deep Wilderness – Wonderland

Deep Wilderness – Wonderland

Deep Wilderness is an unofficial term for Wonderland, Red Light District, and The Airship Area. The hike out to these areas ranges from 3 to 4 miles depending on which problems you plan to get on (Wonderland is the closest, then Red Light District, then Airship). As such, we highly recommend you bring gear enough for an over-night in order to climb out here. For many, these details make visiting Deep Wilderness daunting to the uninitiated. However, those who find time and energy to visit these areas will be rewarded with some of the best bouldering on the mountain and they get to camp under the stars to boot!

Logistics vary depending on the season. Early Fall necessitates cold weather gear for the lower temperatures at night. Summer requires a scouting mission to confirm that the watering holes are viable. Early Spring requires rain gear for potential monsoons and be ready to cancel all plans if it looks like a real storm is going to hit. Common materials for every season include water purification, food, sunscreen, and something to facilitate pooping in the woods. Burying your poop is fine, however, hiking your waste out is ideal.

Risk is obviously elevated when bouldering so far from roads. You should familiarize yourself with the local rescue organizations, medical rescue, and ideally come prepared to aid an injured member of your party back to the road. Come with friends, climb responsibly, and be safe.

With logic and worry out of the way we get onto some of the problems that make these areas worth the effort! Wonderland hosts many great problems at every grade range. OPB recommends (in increasing difficulty) The Whites, Par Blue, The Mad Hatter, Toxic Airborne Event, Calmer Than You Are, Alligator Smiles, Sisyphus,The Crease, The Minotaur, and The Gift of Xenu. Wonderland has many more fun problems. It is a very easy spot to spend a day.

For those looking to tread new ground there are still plenty of unfinished lines. The best of them are the Future of Life Project, the Streetcar Project, Sit; The Line Project, the Launch Pad Project, and the Plague Project. The best part about these projects is not one of them is particularly dangerous. If you are looking to put your name on something more moderate in difficulty with a little consequence made a lot worse by how far into the woods you are…then you can go do the Hidden Death Project.

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