Deep Wilderness – Red Light District

Deep Wilderness – Red Light District

The Red Light District is just downtrail from Wonderland. As such, it is prone to all the same complications and risks. If you have never been to Deep Wilderness I would recommend you start by reading June’s article on Wonderland. That being said Red Light District is really just more of the same of Wonderland. More overhangs, proud lines, scenic vistas, campfires, and good times. The best part is the more to come in next month’s post about the Airship Area.

Red Light District boasts arguably higher quality problems than Wonderland. The best of them include Camel Jockey, The Best Climb in Hueco, For Those With Heart, Knife in my Pocket, Dropout, Tic-Tac, C-Rex, Ten Flies, and Five Ten Sit. These classics tend to range from v4 to v8. There are many more moderate lines that are worth a run so be on the lookout for anything that catches your eye during your session.

Red Light District has good problems but it has even better looking projects. The best of the lot includes the Unclimbable Project, The Nose Project, Broken Heart Project, the Roof Project Left and Right, the Tar Heel Project, and the Dark Matter Project. Additionally, anything that gets put up on the Cobra Hoodoo will be extremely impressive. If you are in the market for first ascents Red Light District only accepts blood, sweat, tears, and try hard.

Be safe and have fun.

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