Deep Wilderness – The Airship Area

Deep Wilderness – The Airship Area

The Airship Area is just down trail from Wonderland and the Red Light District. As such, it is prone to all the same complications and risks. If you have never been to Deep Wilderness I would recommend you start by reading June’s article on Wonderland.

The Airship Area hosts a handful of the best climbs on the mountain. The absolute best of the best are a pair of V6’s and a V7 that are very close to one another: Yosemite Imports, Welcome to Earth, and The Buddha. Once you tick these must-do lines, The Airship Area will keep you occupied with other classics in the same grade range including Perm Traverse, Super Def III, MCA, and Four Star Poop.

The best of the easier lines in the Airship Area (much like quality easier lines on the rest of the mountain) tend to be taller than your average boulder problem. If you are confident in your climbing, falling, and spotters check out Cockadoodledoo, Hail Damage, and Testarossa. One very notable exception to the tall and sketchy aspect of quality problems in this difficulty range is Slipstream. The Playground and the Turbulence Boulder host some safe, low-angle, easy problems and combined with other scattered problems a novice climber can have a great day at the Airship Area right alongside a crusher.

The quality of yet to be done lines in the Airship Area is high. The 4-Inch Pinch Project and the Singing Fat Lady Project will join Welcome to Earth to make the Airship Boulder a haven for overhung moderate classics. The Sex and Drugs Project and Boring Sport Project will round out that moderate range for the area. The Yosemite Exports Project and Beauty Contest Project are the best and most likely of a handful of undone lines on the Yosemite Boulder. The Baked Boulder Project, Cowboy Butts Drive Ryan Nuts Project, and J-Tree Imports Project will round out the area with some harder lines.

There is one more unexplored region of Deep Wilderness. OPB has plans to scout it out this fall, however, it will take a long time to document and post.  And finally, there is a known area past Deep Wilderness. Downtrail from the Airship Area there is a stint of trail with no easily accessible bouldering. Near the end of Wilderness of Rocks trail, however, there is a hill and ontop of this hill lies an area dubbed The Lost World. OPB has only visited this area on one moderately successful trip. A handful of high-quality easy and moderate lines were sent. Plans to re-visit have yet to come to fruition.  It will likely be quite a while before another expedition reaches The Lost World…don’t expect documentation anytime soon.  That being said, it will be waiting out there for those intrepid souls who are are willing to make the nearly 5 mile hike.

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