COVID-19 Statement

COVID-19 Statement

Rocks and Ropes / the BLOC climbing + fitness have always made guests’ safety and health our highest priority. We are aware of the possible threat of COVID-19 in our community, and ask that all of our guests adhere to the best practices outlined below. Our facilities are cleaned in their entirety three times a week, and bathrooms are checked multiple times daily by staff. We use bleach as well as hospital-grade and virucidal disinfectants for cleaning, and are currently increasing the scope and frequency of our cleaning procedures. 

We ask all of our guests to help prevent transmission during this time by:

  • Staying home if feeling unwell
  • Washing hands before climbing, after climbing, and before eating or touching your face
  • Covering any sneeze or cough with tissue; throw the tissue away.

Given the nature of indoor climbing, we acknowledge that there is no way to sterilize our entire gym. We plan on reevaluating our protocols based on the recommendations of the CDC and encourage our guests to stay aware regarding this rapidly changing situation and current best practices.

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