Reopening II update, 2nd time’s a charm.

Reopening II update, 2nd time’s a charm.

Hello again, Tucson climbers!

As we recently shared, we are in contact with AZDHS regarding the reopening of both our climbing facilities. As we wait for state approval we are choosing to reopen our climbing areas without allowing access to ‘fitness’ areas – the second floor fitness mezzanine at the BLOC, heartSTONE studio, and the new fitness installation at Rocks and Ropes. We are currently working with a third-party healthcare consulting firm, HealthyVerify, to audit our current operations for certification. We hope to be allowed to open the aforementioned ‘fitness’ areas soon.

On Monday, September 7th we will open to current members; we will also allow the purchase of memberships by anyone who had a membership during 2020 (and needs no safety instruction). We will utilize all of the same COVID19 specific policies and protocols that were previously in place with minor changes for added precaution. Access to our facilities will remain by appointment only; climbing sessions will still need to be reserved in advance online. Protective face masks (no gaiters, buffs, or bandannas) will be required to enter the building and must be worn properly at all times. We will monitor for prompt member check-in and check-out, proper social distancing, thorough hand-washing, and as always, climbing safety.

What does this mean for members? Members can unfreeze online (preferred) or when they arrive for a pre-registered climbing session (available starting September 3rd). We will not be making changes to any membership, as has been our longstanding policy. In addition, after September 7th we will resume our normal freeze fees.

What does this mean for non-members? While we will not be reopening to the public and can’t anticipate a date to welcome new members, rest assured we are working hard and keeping up-to-date with COVID19 data, county and state metrics, as well as best practices to keep our community safe. We can’t wait to invite new folks to fall in love with climbing when it’s safe for all of us.

In the interim, we have chosen to allow the Rocks and Ropes youth team to host limited private sessions at each facility prior to reopen. With school back in session remotely, it was incredibly important to give our youth athletes a much-needed break from screen-based learning, plus safe access to socially-distanced interaction with their peers and coaches. 

As we have done throughout this crazy summer, we will post updates as we make changes and move forward. Last and certainly not least, we are deeply grateful for all of the support over the past few months – short emails, financial offerings, kind words, shared memes – all of it has helped us forge ahead in a profoundly uncertain time for us (both personally and professionally)! We miss our community and we’re truly looking forward to seeing all of you, with masks and vigorous air hugs.

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