May 2021 access/policy updates

May 2021 access/policy updates

Hello Tucson. We hope you are enjoying these lovely cool mornings, especially knowing that the Sonoran summer heat is coming! First, thank you to all of our members who gave feedback on our in-house survey several weeks back; it helped guide our discussion as the pandemic continues to influence how we approach daily operations. We have some updates and exciting news, so please read on, and as always – feel free to reach out to us if you have questions:

Starting Monday, May 3rd, we’ll be making member access to our facilities a little easier while keeping safety our top priority:

  • Rocks and Ropes Downtown will open for members at 6am on weekdays.
  • Reservation system required only for our busiest times during weekday evenings. While we are keeping our current occupancy restrictions, we will no longer require that members book a ‘Member Climbing Session’ during the daytime. We will still require members to reserve their spot after 6:30pm so that we can honor our limited capacity, as weekday evenings are (and have historically been) our busiest times.
  • We will also be reinstating Member Guest Passes for our prepaid annual and EFT members, with some minimal restrictions (guests must be 100% competent in all of our facility safety systems and they may only access a guest pass once every 30 days).

These changes are wholly dependent on our members staying vigilant with protocols that have been put in place to protect our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes proper mask-wearing, mindful physical distancing, washing hands before climbing, plus the mandatory check-in AND check-out process. The facility Occupancy Counter will be a useful tool for members to gauge their comfort level as we switch to a rolling occupancy outside of weekday evenings. The Occupancy Counter is available on our homepage, as well as on the home screen of the RGPro Connect App.

Last but certainly not least, some more exciting tidbits:

We are having a punchcard sale May 1st through 5th; punchcards are available for purchase online or in-person! Plus, be on the lookout for more small group programming as well as yoga offerings at heartSTONE studio at the BLOC.

Thanks as always for your support, and we look forward to climbing with you over the summer 🙂

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