2022 BLOCparty

2022 BLOCparty


Oh what a night!!! The tenth Annual BLOC Party was a great bouldering competition and a fun gathering celebrating 10 years of the BLOC climbing + fitness and 30 years of Rocks and Ropes of Tucson!!! We are so grateful to have hosted the event and enjoyed our community…. we never forget that we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our members, our customers, and our community. So much gratitude – we even made a list!

Thank you to our community for supporting us through the past few years, being the welcoming and awesome group of people you are.

Thank you to our wonderful staff, who have been assisting and cleaning and prepping the gym all week, and who helped keep the food and drink flowing during the party. Thanks especially to Greg Rupp for momentarily coming out or retirement to smoke 120 pounds of pork shoulder for some delicious tacos, as well as to Guille and his partner for grilling for several hours straight!

Thank you to the management team for all the time and energy put into planning and pulling off this comp, for gathering resources, prizes, raffle items, and a hundred others things. We’ve got an excellent, gracious, generous, and thoughtful group of people who have been with us for 30, 21, 20, 10, and 7 years. <3

Of course a huge thank you to our amazing routesetters; so much time and energy and care is put into what they do, but they were especially collaborative and creative this past week.

To our Tucson sponsors, we are so grateful for your support and to have so many other amazing local businesses. We tell our members every year at this event to go support local – and then we read these names: Summit Hut, Bookmans, MotoSonora, Ermano’s, the Loft Cinema, Yoga Oasis, Dragoon, Kingfisher, Coronet, Tucson Hop Shop, Presta, Falora, REI, Session Yoga, Barrio Brewing,  Roadrunner Bicycles, Tap & Bottle, Ceres, Noodies, Roadhouse Cinema, Bob Dobbs, Pueblo Vida, Falora Pizza, Le Buzz Caffe, Time Market, Why I Love Where I Live, Kukai, EcoGro, Hill House Coffee, Bear Canyon Pizza, BodyWorks Pilates, Jilian Wereb, Alex Laetsch, and Bella’s Gelateria.

Thanks also to our vendors who supported this event: Sterling Rope, Petzl, Black Diamond, Metolius, La Sportiva, Friction Labs, Climb On! skincare, and Skratch Labs.

Thank you to Shelby and Tyler for DJ artistry and the amazing ear candy.

Whew! Thanks for reading all the way, and for being a part of our world… CHEERS!

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