Getting started

All entrants must read and sign our liability waiver. Please click the computer
below to electronically read and sign a copy. When completed, you will receive an
email, it will NOT process until you click the link in the email. Minors MUST have a parent or legal guardian complete the form.

$15 admission [$10 for kids under 12]
$12 First-time lesson/orientation
$ 6 equipment rental [climbing shoes, harness, helmet]

$30 Full First-time package
[w/o coupons/discount nights]

Monday-Friday 12-3pm Members ONLY
except some school holidays and Summer (summer hours start on the first day of summer camps)
Monday-Thursday  3-10pm (Friday 3-8p) Open Admission
Saturday-Sunday 9-11am Kidz Climb
under 12 only/no reservations/no groups
Saturday-Sunday 11a-8pm Open Admission 

First-time users of the Gym should arrive at least 2 hours prior to close.

All entrants must read and sign our liability waiver. Please click the computer above to electronically read and sign a copy.